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Why NEXXT Step | Group Coaching?


Feeling “in it” and stuck or on the edge of a personal or professional growth-spurt?


NEXXT Step | Group Coaching is where you will grow alongside other women 
in a confidential, brave space and get 


Gain CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and COMMUNITY when you join up to 8 women for 6 virtual group sessions covering 12 tools that culminate into a powerful and sustainable personal plan.

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What to Expect


6 Virtual Sessions


NEXXT Step is a virtual group coaching curriculum that is professionally facilitated over 6 weeks with up to 8 women for 2 hours every week.

In 6 sessions you'll define your values, vision, mission, goals, and priorities that culminate into a personal plan with lasting results. 

Gain Clarity


Clarity in who you are leads to what motivates and inspires you, who you need with you, and how to get there.

Your defined personal plan will give you steps for the next 6 months, direction for the next 18 months, a mission for the next 3 years, a 12 tools that will last a lifetime.


Build Confidence


The confidence gained in yourself, your decisions, your direction, and leaning into your abilities and intuition will be unmistakable.

You'll build capacity to push through the inevitable change, doubt, and pivots that come with your life pursuits and ambitions for yourself.


Find Community


Find community among each other and deliberately within the framework of your developed personal plan.

By developing a diverse network of people and resources, you'll tap into the wisdom of women that is proven to be the difference between surviving and thriving.



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Amy Robinson

Founder + Coach

Hello! I am a tenacious, encouraging, and hopeful leader who has seen the power of what happens when women support women. As a business strategist and international entrepreneurship coach, I honed my facilitation skills in rooms of hundreds, but found the most dynamic and impactful results occur in small groups of diverse people.

I founded Tribe of Women in 2014 after my TEDx Talk and the pervasive need for women to support women. The evolution to NEXXT is a testament to what has been accomplished and what needs to be done next - a catalyst community that focuses on who you are and carries you while you get to where you want to be. I'm honored to be part of that journey.

Ronetta Francis

Coach + Curriculum Development

Good to meet you. I am an extroverted-introvert, who is warm and protective, with a big laugh. My hope for NEXXT is that it sparks a flame for you to confidently give yourself the space and the grace to discover and embrace your true authentic self, while supporting and encouraging others to do the same.

As a seasoned employment attorney, senior Ethics and Compliance executive, and Executive Coach, Speaker and Trainer, I have developed a passion for encouraging and empowering women leaders to challenge their status quo, embrace their talents and refine their executive presence —  leading to their season of full bloom. I'm grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside women as they take their next steps and leaps!

Is NEXXT Step | Group Coaching for you?



If you can relate to any of these, then YES, this is just what you've been searching for...

  • I've been so focused on everyone else for so long, I've lost who I am.

  • I am thinking about a career change, but I'm unsure where to begin.

  • I know I want to make some changes for myself and could use some support and accountability.

  • I'm too overwhelmed by everything and everyone in my life to even know where to begin making changes.

  • I want to take a breath to figure out what I want, but I'm too busy to take time for or invest in myself.

YES, that's me! Give me all the details.



2023 Groups are starting soon!  

  • Tues Mar 7 - Apr 11 (4-6p PST/6-8p CST/7-9p EST*)
  • Thu Mar 9 - Apr 13 (7-9a PST/9-11a CST/10-12a EST*)
  • Sun Mar 12 - Mar 16 (1-3p PST/3-5p CST/4-6p EST*)

Additional groups scheduled to begin in May 2023.

* Accomodates international times, depanding on location.


This 6 week program is $600 and we offer:

  • Employer information if professional development dollars are available
  • Monthly payment plan options
  • Partial Scholarships with the "Pay it Forward" program

We meet virtually every week for 6 weeks via Zoom. You have access to your tools online and each other via Slack.

Simply commit time to and for yourself to attend your 6, two hour group sessions and begin the practice to making a little YOU time daily. (What is THAT!? You'll see. It's amazing!




Upon completion of NEXXT Step, you can become a NEXXT Step Member! You'll have access to a membership portal, webinars, workshops, retreats, and connection with other NEXXT Step members. That's right, your nexxt step doesn't end here!

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What are NEXXT Step Members saying?

“I'm really astounded by the changes that have occurred. I remember who I was and how I felt when we began [and] now I feel just ready to take on exactly where I belong. I don't know how that happened so quickly. It feels like I took some sort of expedited journey where I got farther ahead than I would have if I had tried to tackle these things on my own.”


"I definitely think I'm now moving in the right direction, even just having the tools. I'm excited about using these in my family and parts of my business and trying to pull some of those aspects out to help focus.”


“I feel affirmed. It was nice to be able to pat myself on the back [and] just get to celebrate myself a little while. I actually have skills that are part of the wholeness of my being!"


"I remember saying I don’t really know where I fit in. Then I realized that posing that question in the group, I somehow knew the answer in an innate way, but needed to be asked the question.

Yes to all of this - Let's do it!

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