NEXXT Level | One-on-One Coaching

It’s lonely at the top. You don’t have everything figured out, but you’ve been through some things and now is the time for a deep dive to take you to the next level.

Say no more. I'm in!
About NEXXT Level

Why NEXXT Level?


Get Perspective


Anything will get blurry if we look at it too closely for too long.

Having a skilled coach to listen, reflect, and provide a shift in perspective can be the distance you need to see a general or specific challange through a different lense and shake free of the blur.


Gain Clarity


Processing challenges requires time, space, and sense of safety to reach the level of clarity we need to take action. 

Coaching provides a confidential place to lay everything out, sort through the noise, focus your energy, and hone in on your needs to clearly see the path ahead.   


Grow Up


Lateral growth is easy. Keep doing what you're doing and do it well. Growing "up" is defying gravity. It takes a desire to both dig deep and reach higher. And no one does it alone.

Partnering with a coach provides the accountability we all need to take what you've grown through, shed, and know about yourself to the next level. 

I'm ready!

What To Expect

In-Depth Sessions | Customized Process | Accountaility + Solutions 


Our NEXXT Level coaching process is for women in an intense growth, questioning, or exploration phase of:

◼ Perspective Building ◼ Entrepreneurial ventures ◼ Goal achieving ◼ Life transitions ◼ Career paths

Confidential space, time to process challenges + ideas
Open-minded, honest feedback + forward thinking
Customized resources, tools, activities + action steps
Actionable outcomes
Access to Amy between sessions

$250 per session/first 4 sessions

$200 per each additional sessions


I'm Amy Robinson

I founded NEXXT, a catalyst community for women, after working with and advocating for women for over 20 years as a small business consultant, strategic planning and community facilitator, speaker, and entrepreneur. NEXXT Women is a brave space for us to explore who we are, where we want to be, and how we will get there. Together. Our NEXXT Step program was developed with the knowledge and wisdom gathered while working and growing with women from San Francisco to Pakistan. Now, I'm taking everything to the NEXXT Level. My track record has women making tranformative leaps in their lives, careers, and companies world-wide. I want to partner with you to do the same, and bring the next itertion of yourself forward. I’m honored to be your coach, join your journey, and take part in what's nexxt for you.


Let's do this!
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