Meeting you where you are, to get you where you want to be.

NEXXT Step Group, One-on-One, + Self-Guided Coaching

NEXXT Level One-on-One Coaching + Group Retreats

NEXXT Step | Group Coaching

In the NEXXT Step | Group Coaching Program, you'll join a global community of women, take a collective breath, unpack what you really want for yourself, and determine a path to get there.

You will gain Clarity, Confidence and Community to launch you into what’s next for you in 6 virtual sessions with up to 8 women, exploring 12 tools that build toward your personal plan that will last a lifetime.

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6 facilitated 2hr sessions over 6 weeks

Group sessions for exponential learning and growth

12 take-away tools for learning and growth

Meet virtually from anywhere

Private online group and coach support between sessions

NEXXT Step Membership opportunities year-round

Price: $600 

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 NEXXT Step | One-on-One Coaching

You're feeling “in it”, like everything is a blur between who you are a where you’re going in life, but where do you even begin?

Our NEXXT Step | One-on-One Coaching package is a powerful first step with an individualized experience to help you build a foundation for your next step. (Or leap!)

Using similar methods and the same tools as the NEXXT Step program, we meet you where you are on your path toward the clarity and perspective you're craving and pave the way for what's nexxt for you.

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4 one hour sessions over 4 weeks

Personalized guidance and coaching 

Accountability tools to enhance your process

Specialty resources for your specific needs

Tangible take-aways and action planning

$200 discount toward NEXXT Step Group Coaching follow-on

Price: $200 per session 

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NEXXT Step | Self-Guided Program

Making time to align who you are with where you want to be sounds great, but how do you make the time? One step at a time.

The NEXXT Step | Self-Guided Program is an online, independent coaching program, designed to give you the foundational tools you need to filter through the noise of life, and gain clarity and confidence to stand solidly in who you are wherever you choose to be.

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Online Access

12 Videos

6 Tools

Community forums

Membership opporunities

Price: $89 | Pre-Sale: $69


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NEXXT Level | One-on-One Coaching

It’s lonely at the top. You don’t have everything figured out, but you’ve been through some things and now need a deep dive to take you to the next level.

Our one-on-one coaching process is for women in an intense growth, questioning, or exploration phase. Specializing in:

◼ Perspective Building ◼ Entrepreneurial ventures ◼ Goal achieving ◼ Life transitions ◼ Career paths 

Get from where you are to where you want to be. Schedule a chat with Amy or click below to learn more!

Group retreats beginning fall 2023. 

First 4 Sessions: Up to 1.5hr 

Sessions scheduled to meet yours

Customized resources and tools

Deep dives into challenges 

Accountability toward solutions

Access to coach between sessions

Additional sessions available @ $200 per session

Starting Price: $250 per session/first 4 session

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